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What if managing your WordPress website didn't have to be so complicated?

Shaibit has been providing excellent hosting solutions since 2012. Our team of WordPress experts will handle all of the technicalities for you, so you can focus on what’s really important — growing your business!

We start working on your website ASAP, ZERO Downtime

Shaibit Hosting is committed to not just providing quality web hosting services, but also to make the management of your website simple and straightforward. You can rely on our team of WordPress experts to handle your service and site management, so you can focus on your business.

Business owners and entrepreneurs need to spend a lot of time with their website; however, as a result of lack of technical knowledge and time, they often struggle with keeping it up to date. Our comprehensive solution will allow them to focus on their business and not on website management, as our team will handle all updates, backups, and security needs. This will save time and money while freeing up the owner's personal time!

Facts you should know

“Managed Hosting” vs Shaibit Hosting

Not all plans are the same. Most managed hosting only covers server space that doesn’t actually take care of your unique website. We cover everything.

ValueOther HostingShaibit Hosting
Included in all plans
Will they host your website on a server and monitor the server?YesYes
Will they monitor your website on a minute by minute basis for downtime?NoYes
Will they onboard your website hands free in less than 48 hours?NoYes
Will they update your website themes?NoYes
Will they backup your website on a daily basis off-site and restore it?NoYes
Will they run daily virus scans and monitor your website's safety?NoYes
Will they update your core WordPress software? NoYes
Will they optimize all of your images so that your website loads faster?NoYes
Will they optimize your website's caching with Varnish caching, database caching, and make your website fast?NoYes
Will they update your software and plugins?NoYes
Will they provide hands free WordPress Management that you don't have to do yourself?NoYes
Time is precious

Running a business is incredibly time consuming and most business owners don’t have the time to study WordPress. We know how important it is for a website to be available 24/7. That's why we offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee, monitoring, and all the features you need to maintain a successful site.

Security is paramount

We don't take security lightly and provide different ways to protect your data. You also have a firewall system installed that monitors and defends any attacks or vulnerabilities against the website, especially attacks specific to WordPress.

Quality security

Quality and securityQuality is our key for all our products. We have a team of WordPress experts that are always trained on the latest releases and technology trends in order to provide you the best quality web hosting service possible. Shaibit Hosting offers dedicated servers with DDoS protection, built-in caches, 24/7 monitoring & live chat support for free. With us, you are fully covered from head to toe!

Unbeatable Value

Shaibit Hosting provides great value for the money! We handle all of our hosting solutions in house so as to guarantee an excellent quality service. We monitor your website like a hawk and check daily to make sure everything is running as it should. You never have to touch your WordPress website again if you don’t want to. Our team can help you answer any questions you may have about your website and digital marketing.

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Best Global High-End Digital Marketing Solutions Provider 2022
Martech Awards 2022
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Does Shaibit Hosting Only Provide Hosting?

Hiring a web developer and managing your WordPress website can be a time-consuming and expensive process. With our product, you can have a website that is ready to go from the get-go, without any hassle. We’ll set everything up for you, from hosting to marketing materials to design templates, and even provide 24/7 customer support for any questions you may have.

The Shaibit Difference
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